Pilots talk with an incredible passion in a different language. C172, Piper Cub, F-16, Niner, Zulu, knots, pitch and yaw, and altitude in feet. And “Oh my, you should’ve heard what ATC said the other day”. Confused yet? Don’t be, we go over it all step by step together in Demystiflying. The craft of piloting an aircraft is hard, but Kine A. Paulsen's wish with her book is to demystify flying. Or what she has come to call demystiflying.

This book is for you who are considering pursuing your pilot license, who might be curious what it is like to be a pilot or you may have already logged some hours. Or it may be a gift to someone you know, who has talked about getting into the cockpit, but are not sure where to start. If you already are a pilot, it might be fun to reflect on how much you had to learn in order to get to where you are today. This book is not meant to replace any educational tools, but meant as motivation and inspiration and to teach you to speak basic pilot.

Here are some of the resources you will find in the book:


Instructions: Find your local airport radio channel on and play bingo.

Take it a step further and look up the meaning of terms that you don’t know.


A great way to practice the aviation alphabet is to have the alphabet in front of you any time you have to spell something on the phone. Whether you’re complaining to your internet provider about your service or telling HR the real spelling of your last name, spell it out using that aviation alphabet!