Here is what some of the Demystiflying readers are saying:

"Paulsen proceeds methodically through all the major considerations in becoming a pilot, from why you should do it to the challenges you'll face, different ways to earn your certificate, finding the right instructor, what to expect from the training process, how to connect with other pilots, options for owning or accessing aircraft, and even aviation history and aircraft recognition."

Sarah Deneer, Senior Director of Publications, AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)

For those thinking of taking the leap and wanting to learn how to fly, it can be a complicated journey, wrought with uncertainty, especially in the beginning stages. Fortunately, Kine Paulsen has created the perfect companion for those getting ready to take that first step in conquering the skies. Paulsen’s book Demystiflying not only provides insight into the process of earning your pilot certificate, but she also provides well researched hints, tips and tricks to make the successful transition from an earth-bound mortal to a full-fledged aviator. Paulsen has done the research and you will reap the benefits.

Sam Winer, Contributing Editor, Plane & Pilot Magazine

"I wish I had Demystiflying as a guide and tool before I launched my aviation journey-it would've saved me many a wrong turns and slow downs from misdirection. Kine's guide is career cartography, and she has skillfully charted the aviation landscape. Now those who wish to now go the same way, can do so confidently and go on to make our ecosystem even better. Moreover, Kine is a beacon of inspiration-her initiative to create a solution from her own travails models the type of leadership we need to move the industry to even newer, uncharted territory."

- Michael Wilde, COO of Dream Soar and former Business Editor of FLYING Magazine

"Great job! Kine took a complicated subject and made it understandable. Well done!"

- Rob Balzano, Director of Aviation at Micron Technology, Inc and CEO of Check-6 Foundation

"If the industry wants to increase the number of people pursuing pilot training, they should donate copies to our local schools. Indeed, flight schools should have it on hand as well. I think it will increase the completion rate exponentially."

- Kathryn Creedy, Editor in Chief at Future Aviation/Aerospace Workforce News

"Supported by hundreds of interviews with pilots, Paulsen includes historical and fun facts that left me wanting to go get my pilot's license. Highly recommend."

- Cyndi Finkle, Author of Camera Crafts: Creative Projects to Make With Your Camera and a Good Roll of Film

"Smooth and provocative reading. Well done!"

- Dr. Omar Antonio Alvarez-Pousa, New York University

"I'm gonna be honest, I'm not a reader so it takes a lot for me to be interested enough to finish a book when I start, but this book was so fun and so easy to read! Highly recommend."

- Rikki Gash, Celebrity Hairstylist